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Veg+Fruit Harvest Bundle (Small)

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We created this bundle specifically for the needs of small families or individuals who are not able to consume the larger quantities of the standard veggie bundle or fruit bundle subscriptions. This bundle is suitable for 1-2 member families and contains a weekly supply of 4 kg of vegetables and 2 kg fruits . While the bundle contents vary from week to week based on harvest availability at the farms, typically it contains smaller portions of each vegetable (~250 gm). If you do not like a particular vegetable, you can message support so we remove it from your plan.

The bundle is curated from fresh, delicious and healthy vegetables and fruits grown without any chemical fertilisers or pesticides, home delivered to you every week as a simple subscription service.

We keep changing the produce mix frequently to ensure you don’t get bored of receiving the same varieties every week. If you are going out of town or just want to take a break, pause your subscription whenever you want to and let us know when you want to re-start. Each subscription cycle includes 4 deliveries. Deliveries start within a week of you signing up.

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Monthly Subscription Fees  2999
4 KG Organic/Natural Vegetables per week
2 KG Organic/Natural Fruits per week
4 Home deliveries per month
Pause/Restart subscription anytime

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