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Wayanadan Wild Honey - Natural - 300 GM


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Petrichor's Wild Honey, sustainably harvested from the lush forests of Wayanad. This exquisite honey, derived from a diverse array of wild flowers, offers a unique and delightful flavor that is simultaneously distinct and mellow. Petrichor takes pride in offering two extraordinary varieties of wild honey: the locally renowned 'Pattu thenu' and 'Kombu thenu'.This particular variety is called 'Pattu thenu' stands out for its exceptional medicinal properties, owing to the bees' dedicated collection of nectar from the healing blossoms of the forest. Immerse yourself in the natural goodness and holistic benefits of Petrichor's 'Pattu thenu' wild honey, an embodiment of nature's gifts.

Good earth-Petrichor Agri Ventures is an initiative by GoodEarth, who have been pioneers in ecologically sensitive real estate developments since 30+ years, to address climate change, through sustainable, regenerative, agro-ecological farming practices. We implement intelligent design within the farm, through mixed cropping practices to ensure holistic natural development of the soil and the crops, thereby regenerating the land and water. We work within our farms and with our partner farmers ensuring strict adherence to natural farming practices to provide produce that is high in nutrition and also beneficial for the planet.

1 Unit : 300 GM

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