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Karonda is a traditional Indian summer berry with mostly sour taste - it has a myriad of health benefits along with being highly nutritious having high fiber, vitamin C, iron, potassium, zinc, to name but a few. Ayurveda suggests consumption of Karonda for cardiac health, inflammation and reducing stress. The berry can be consumed raw with salt, pepper or chat masala, can be made into traditional pickles and jams or candied with sugar.

Karonda was once used to make a barrier large enough to make Donald Trump jealous. This was the Great Hedge of India which ran 2,500 miles from the Himalayas to Orissa, planted and maintained by the British for almost 50 years in an attempt to prevent the smuggling of salt into British India. It failed, as such barriers always do, but very effectively propagated karonda.

Another interesting tidbit about Karonda - manufacturers inject bright red coloring and sweetness in karonda's to give the appearance of a cherry. After processing, it’s sold for use in sweet breads and desserts. Much of the “cherries” that appear on desserts in India are, in fact, karonda's.

It is rich in iron, vitamin C,vitamins A, calcium and phosphorus. It helps in acidity, indigestion, stomach pain, constipation, anemia, skin conditions, anorexia and insanity.

1 Unit = 500 Grams

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