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S Ramasamy

Cashew Nuts - Certified Organic - 500 GM


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From the nuts category, cashews, pistachios and peanuts are usually flagged as the ones with the highest pesticide loads and should be purchased organic.

Cashews are full of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals which are required for the normal functioning of the body. They actually originated in Brazil but the Portuguese brought them to India in the 16th century.

Cashews are heart healthy and also rich in iron, potassium, magnesium and copper. They are super nutritious, but since they are calorie dense, you should limit your portions.

We bring to you cashew nuts from the farms of S.Ramasamy near Panruti in Tamilnadu. He has been practicing natural farming in his 12 acres of land where he has been growing Cashew and Jackfruits and various spices. For soil nourishment he has been using farm yard manure and Panchagavya, and for pest control he follows a regular schedule of neem oil sprays.

Farm Location:

Each Unit = 500 gm

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