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Jaggery Powder - Certified Organic - 1 kg


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Organic sugarcane Jaggery powder. Prepared from organically grown sugarcane and processed without harmful chemicals. Rich in minerals and leaves lasting taste. Add a spoon of healthiness to your daily drink.

When you add our jaggery to your hot milk or coffee or tea, it doesn’t spoil as many others do. This is a testimony to our quality product. Enjoy every sip of your drink!

Jaggery has a long shelf life if stored in a cool & dry place.

Jaggery purifies the blood and cleanses the respiratory tract, the lungs, and also the digestive tract. By eliminating toxins from the body, jaggery also serves as a means to improve general immunity. Selenium, magnesium, and some vitamins with antioxidant properties are present in jaggery.

About Subam Organic:
Subam Organic is a brand of Green Leaf Bio Farms established in 2007 at Kavandapadi in Erode district of Tamil Nadu, We are practising organic farming for more than a decade. Kavundapadi is known for sugarcane production and Jaggery processing.

Our passion for organic farming led us to grow sugarcane organically, produce jaggery powder and sell to you directly, thus maintaining the quality at an affordable price.

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