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Combination of 2 Gifts of Nature, Made in Fresh Sugarcane Juice, with required Condiments. Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, Low Carb, Ultra Low GI, Vegan, Diabetes & Keto Friendly Black Pepper, Cardamom, Ginger Powder, Cinnamon, Cumin Seed, Rock Salt , May improve Improves blood circulation Boosts immunity Improves your eye health Maintains blood sugar level Helps in tissue repair It helps prevent cell damage. Works on Sour Throat, No Sugar No Artificial Color No Artificial Fragrance No Preservatives
All natural ingredients, packed in a bottle full of love and affection.
About Farmer : Rahul Sharma, the founder of 5S Farm ( Swatch, Suddh , Sampurna , Swasth , Sehat ) located in Jaipur is a startup established in 2018 June . Rahul Sharma had always kept in mind health of Every person connected to 5S Farm. 
As he says , when whole world Sleeps , he is awake thinking about what best could be done with his products keeping in mind buyers health . 
Rahul Sharma, energetic, dynamic, die hard positive person who lost even last available penny in pocket by April 2018 . With Darkness, and uncertainty around him , once again he thought to fight back with situations. Within next 3 months , a new initiative started by him with name 5S Farm, 
He says, I dream pure I create the best with passion and integrity rest everything happens automatically. Today 5S Farm is well known name for Traditional Sharbat, and have a range of 11 different Traditional Sharbat.
5S Farm is bringing back the lost Legacy and art of traditional Sharbat making .. As per him ,Traditional way of Making Sharbat is quite different from modern day sharbat making, 
5S Farm makes sharbat with single ingredient, which is boiled in water. After removing ingredients, Palm Candy is used as sweetner, lemon is used to avoid Crystallization of Candy used .

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