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RadhaKrishna Goshala

Ghee (Desi Cow) - Natural - 500 gm

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This aromatic desi cow ghee is prepared with conventional method of hand churning desi cow curd. Here is a video of how it is churned -

Because of this method probiotic properties are added to ghee which makes it one of the healthiest fats in the world.

One spoon of ghee in daily diet used to be an integral part of diet for any indian family, and for good reason - desi cow ghee is full of nutrients, improves the immune system, and has anti-inflammatory characteristics.

We bring to you this desi cow ghee from Radha Krishna Goshala at Vinjamuru village in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh which houses around 170 desi cows of Ongole and Hallikar breeds. These cows are allowed to roam around freely in the day time where they feed on natural grass. When at the Goshala they are fed with Jowar grass, oilseeds cake and biomass available at the farm.Check out this video of the playful animals in a regular day at the goshala -

Radha Krishna Goshala was started in 2005 by Sreedhar Acharya, Krishnaiah and Eswar Ji with the mission of conservation of desi cow breeds and in turn empowering tribal families through distribution of cow products. At present 30 tribal families in the village are benefitted from the project.

Farm Location:

Each Unit = 500 gm

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