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Uttam Vinayak Solshe

Manikchaman Grape - Organically Grown - 1 kg


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Manik Chaman grapes are seedless, long and lean, golden-yellow berries with medium-thin skin and straw-colored juice. Favored for their sweet taste, this is the most widely grown white table grape used for raisin making.

Grapes contain resveratrol, a phytochemical which acts against the growth of cancer cells. It can also reduce hypertension and help in bringing down the blood sugar levels.

The polyphenols in grapes have antioxidant properties and relieve conditions such as congestion and inflammation of the airways, and swollen sinuses. Grapes have dietary fibre which relieves indigestion and irritation in the stomach. Flavonoids present in grapes play a crucial role in curing cardiovascular diseases.

Since grapes are quite subject to spoilage due to pests, pest management required a multi-pronged strategy and Dashaparni Ark, Agniastra and Brahmastra - which are all pest repellants created using natural ingredients were used. Also used were coconut water, sour buttermilk and Saptadhanyankur Kashayam.

These grapes are grown naturally - so their skins are thinner than chemical grapes which use gibberellic acid. When thin skinned grapes are exposed to sunlight some of them can turn yellow/brown - expect some of the grapes in your box to have turned yellowish - that does not mean the grapes are old.

About the farmer:
These delicious grapes are brought to you from Uttam Vinayak Solshe's farm located in Malegaon, Maharashtra. He's a teacher by profession in Marathi school & farmer by passion, he learned organic farming in Baramati Maharashtra and now implies it in his own 10 acres of farm where he's cultivating banana varieties and grapes naturally.

Farm Location:

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