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Handpounded Bhagwan Bhog Rice - Natural - 1 Kg


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This hand-pounded naturally grown rice is a tasty alternative to brown/white rice. It is a short grain heirloom variety of rice called Bhagwan Bhog, which has a nutty flavour and a gorgeous perfume which holds up well to spices and blends deliciously with dal, sabzi, any gravies and sambar. The residual streak of bran introduces a healthy fiber content into your diet and has a low glycemic index. It is the perfect lunchtime rice, with even a small portion keeping you full till dinner.

This rice is grown naturally in farmland which is in the foothills, without even using farmyard manure or other natural fertilizers. The monsoon rain carries organic matter from the hills naturally, and hence no external inputs are needed at all.

Tribal women of a small hamlet named Hansuli in Chattisgarh make this rice available to you using the traditional method using a wooden pounder. Why is this rice so expensive? Short answer - it is expensive because it is extremely labour intensive. We found several companies selling hand-pounded rice at 60-70 Rs per kg, but we were unable to understand the economics. Vikas from Vilkages explained to us that traditional hand-pounding is very labour intensive - it takes 3-4 women the whole day to prepare 10-12 kg of hand pounded rice. Just the labour cost alone comes to more than 120 per kg. How is it possible for producers to sell “hand-pounded” rice for Rs 60 per kg? We don’t know and wonder if much of the rice available in the market which is sold as “hand pounded” is really machine made - there are machines available which gives rice the “hand pounded” look. Machine milled “hand pounded” rice unfortunately involves a rise in temperature during hulling, which leads to loss of nutrients, taste and more.

Please have a look at this video where Vikas from Vilkages explains the difference in the two processes clearly, with the help of a thermometer -

The rice that we bring to you - is made completely in the traditional method - here is a quick video of how it is made -

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Each Unit = 1 Kg

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