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Manikchaman Grapes (Seedless) - Natural - 2 KG


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The most loved manikchaman grapes from Namdev Pasle from Amrut Naturals, which have been receiving amazing feedback for 4 years.

Brix level (sugar level) more than 22.

A Tale of Two Cities

Solapur, Maharashtra, India
Solapur has been identified as one of India’s 99 drought-prone districts. Some of its extreme weather patterns can be attributed to climate change. 

Chaman, Balochistan, Pakistan
Famed for its fantastic grapes that came to be called Chaman grapes. These grapes were wildly popular in the late 18th and early 19th century by the British in Colonial India. Another region that is also coincidentally prone to droughts and acute water shortages.

The two cities are connected across time and space by agriculture. In 1982, Dr TR Dabade, the Chairman of the Solapur Grape Growers Cooperative Society led efforts to develop a hardy seedless grape variety that could be grown in the district. He combined the Thompson Seedless variety, hybrids of which were locally grown, with a grape with lineage from the Chaman variety. Thus was born the Manik Chaman.

These Manik Chaman grapes are grown by a small farmer - Mr Namdev Pasle near Solapur. No hazardous chemicals, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides used. This is very important - because grapes are 5th ranked in the dirty dozen list of food with the most pesticide residues.  

These grapes have a thinner skin as compared to their chemically grown alternatives, and have a delectable sweetness to them. As Mr Keshav from Amrut Naturals describes it - it will melt like ice cream in your mouth and you will be able to experience the superior taste of the fruit. 

Please note that the farmer leaves these grapes on the vine for a long time for maximum ripeness - unlike most other commercial grape growers - that is why these grapes are so mind-blowingly sweet and tasty - what this means is that you will find some of the grapes becoming yellowish and ripe and some of them will fall off into the box as well as loose grapes.

Namdev Pasle has been following natural farming at his farm for 8 years now at his farm in Solapur. He is part of the Amrut Naturals collective.

1 unit = 1.9 to 2 Kg

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