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Srinivas Rao

Coorg Avocado - Organically Grown - 1 kg


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Avocado originated in South Central Mexico and is also called butter fruit or alligator pear. It has a thick leathery outer skin with a creamy and light green coloured flesh that has a buttery flavour and special aroma. Avocados improve digestion and are good for heart health and vision. They are rich in vitamins like C, E, K, B6, Magnesium, potassium and healthy fat.

Ripeness can be judged based on either change of color (it turns dark purple- blackish when ripe) OR by softness (hold the fruits in your palms and press gently - if its ripe you can sense softness just like a ripe mango). You can hasten the ripening by keeping them in a paper bag along with a banana or Apple.

About the Farmer:
Srinivas rao is a natural farmer from Maragodu, Madikeri village, he's been doing natural farming from last couple of years & cultivating these avocados without using any harmful chemicals.

1 unit = 0.9 to 1.1 Kg

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