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Greens Harvest Bundle



This harvest bundle is created specifically for greens lovers. Our local partner farmers grow a wide variety of greens. Whether you are a hardcore greens lover or just curious to try different uncommon varieties of leaves, this Greens Harvest Bundle is for you!

Varieties of greens include -

Regular varieties like Spinach, Coriander, Methi, Mint, Dill, Curry Leaves and more.

Local specialities like Chakotha, Amaranthus and its variations, Gongura, Moringa, Agase and more.

Salad greens like different kinds of Lettuce, Arugula and more,

Rare, forgotten and highly nutritious varieties like Manathakali, Purslane, Ponnaganti, Balloon Vine and many others

Seasonal specialities like Mustard Greens, Chukka Keerai (Khatta Palak), ...

You can tell us what you like and dislike and we will curate a bundle based on your preferences.

Greens are some of the produce which are at highest risk of containing pesticide residues. Due to their vulnerable nature, they are sprayed with pesticides right until harvest. Urea, DAP and other chemical fertilisers are also used extensively which results in excessive nitrate buildup in the greens grown using chemical farming. All of the greens in your Greens Harvest Bundle comes from natural or organic farmers and is freshly harvested to ensure safe and nutritious produce for you. The greens are harvested on the same day as the delivery to ensure that you get the freshest greens possible.

Get 7 bunches of greens home delivered to you every week. We keep changing the mix frequently as you tweak your preference lists, so that you’re never bored of eating the same set of greens every week.

If you are going out of town or just want to take a break, you can pause your subscription anytime and let us know when you want to restart. Each subscription cycle includes 4 deliveries - one per week. Deliveries start within a week of signing up.
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Monthly Subscription Fees  1399
4 Home deliveries per month
7 bunches of greens every week
Pause/Restart subscription anytime

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