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 110 / 950ML
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Erden Creamery Farm Fresh Buffalo Milk - Glass Bottle


Bellikere, Bangalore

This milk will be delivered in 950 ml glass bottles. You need to return the glass bottles - please keep them at the point of delivery, so that they can be collected back on a daily basis.

Subscribe in multiples of 30 bottles - pause your deliveries from the app when you feel like, customise it per your needs by increasing or decreasing quantities for specific days - you have complete control. Deliveries start within 1-2 days of signing up and would be done early in the morning.

About Erden Creamery
We work hard, keep it simple and bring happiness to you & by delivering absolutely pure, natural, fresh and creamy raw milk everyday straight from our farms to your home. Erden Creamery Farmstead Dairy is a family owned dairy farm amidst the lush green fields of Bangalore. Erden is a small family of employees and farmers. We have been farming for over four generations and we love what we do. We also partner with farmers and help them in producing the best quality milk using organic methods and help to adopt latest technologies in dairy industries. We have rediscovered something that most of us have long forgotten - that the very best food in the world comes straight from the nature. Our products are produced by happy unconfined cows and buffalos, fed on organically grown fodder, using state-of-the-art German technology that ensures zero contamination or adulteration.

Please note that this is raw milk, fresh from the farm - you should boil it soon after you receive it. If you leave it outside for too long, or even refrigerate it instead of boiling, it is likely to spoil.
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Manjunath Krishnamurthy

Cost is  110 per 950 ML
Pause/Customize delivery schedule anytime
Milk only from Buffalo
Raw/Unpasteurized and Farm Fresh
Glass Bottle Delivery

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