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Purple Passion Fruit - Organically Grown - 1 Kg


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This is the purple/green passionfruit which is different from the yellow sweet passionfruit. This has a more tropical taste with both tart and sweet notes and is used a lot for juicing. This variety wrinkles up when ripe and you need to cut it open with a knife (unlike the yellow variety which you can break open with your hand).

Passion fruit is a tropical fruit which is basically a type of berry. It has a tough outer rind and juicy, seed-filled center. it is grown in tropical and sub-tropical areas including Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Florida, California and India. Passion fruit often you can see in two varieties - purple and yellow.

The flesh, in the case of both purple and yellow passion fruits, will be a golden yellow with large black edible seeds. You are likely to find different shades of yellow, green and purple on the same fruit. This is a common outcome of cross pollination that takes place naturally in farms.

You can scoop the fruit and consume the seeds with the pulp directly. The seeds are crunchy and edible, but the membrane that separates the seeds from the peel is nice and tart. You can blend it into juice, create delicious cocktails, spoon it over desserts, swirl it into creams and frostings, cook it into jams, stir it into marinades, mix it into salads and dressings.

We recommend waiting for a few days after receiving the fruits - if you want a sweeter taste. Simply leave it out on the counter. The smooth skin will begin to darken and form wrinkles as the insides become sweeter. The fruit may have been pretty when you purchased it, but it tastes better when it looks a bit ugly! A passion fruit is best eaten when it is well aged, as seen by a skin that is full of wrinkles. This is the best time to cut it open.

This time, we are bringing naturally grown chemical free passion fruits grown by Mr. Shajiat his farm at Chamraj Nagar. He is Using cow dung for soil nourishment.

Farm Location:

Each Unit = 1 Kg ( Varies between 950 gm - 1050 gm )

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