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Rohit Singh

Amrapali Mango - Certified Organic - 3 Kg


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'Amrapali' mango is a named mango cultivar introduced in 1971. It was developed as a hybrid variety of 'Dasheri' and 'Neelum' by Dr. Pijush Kanti Majumdar at the Indian Agriculture Research Institute in Delhi.
A juicy variety , which is small in size but heavenly in taste. It is greenish yellow in colour & gives out a sweet aroma when ripe. Sweet with a tangy tinge & one cannot stop licking fingers when you consume it in the traditional style, by squeezing out direct juice from the mango. Some people believe Amrapali is the best variety of mangos :) - giving a tough fight to the Alphonsos and the Langras and the Imampasands - but we would like to reserve our comments about this.

 About Rohit Singh:
Rohit is a farmer and orchardist made out of pure passion. After finishing two degrees in management and a stint with corporates in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi he decided to go back to his roots in Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh.
Since 2005 he has experimented with organic Mangoes and Guavas in his four orchards spread over ninety acres, with close to seven thousand guava trees and four thousand mango trees in fruiting, he is one of the biggest organic orchardist in his domain in Central India. He specialises mainly in Safeda and Lucknow 49 varieties of guavas and Amrapali and Mallika mangoes. 
He is a perfectionist who believes in delivering quality fruits to his customers. His mantra in life is - if you walk into an orchard, you should be able to experience bliss by soaking in the sight, smell and flavour of quality fruits freshly plucked from the tree in totality and that feeling cannot be driven by commercial factors.

1 unit = 2.9 to 3.1 Kg

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