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Pure A2 Gir Cow Ghee - Natural - 500 ml

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This desi cow ghee is made from Gir cows which are grazed in ample sunlight on a small natural farm ( here is a short video of the farm - ) and fed chemical-free feed and fodder. The cows are milked only after the calves have been fed sufficiently. The cows are fed with high quality chemical-free feed and fodder.

The ghee is prepared in the Bilona/Vedic method which entails the following:
* The cows are hand-milked and the milk is boiled in a vessel on firewood/dung cakes. Curd is then made out of this milk.
* This curd is churned to get butter, which is separated out from the butter-milk.
* The butter is then slowly heated in a big brass container to make the ghee.

Ayurveda extensively mentions the benefits of desi cow ghee, and it is in fact the basic ingredient for several ayurvedic medicines. Ghee is said to encourage fat metabolism due to high levels of Tonalin CLA and supports consistent energy levels, and is said to balance doshas. It is said to be a natural immunity booster and is rich in omega-3 fatty acids along with several key vitamins and anti-oxidants.

About Yogamrut Organics
Their mission is to introduce natural, chemical-free, adulteration-free, nutritious sattvik products for holistic well-being of everyone.

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