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Summer is on and so is mango season! We are excited to bring to your plate the king of mangoes - Ratnagiri Alphonso ! Recently, mangoes from this region have been granted the Geographical Indication tag - they are famous for sweetness, richness and distinct flavour. The Alphonso variety is named after Afonso de Albuquerque, a Portuguese general and military expert. The Portuguese introduced grafting on mango trees to produce extraordinary varieties like Alphonso.

These alphonsos are from Anish farm (If you are a Ratnagiri Alphonso fan, you may be aware of the farmer brand - President) which is managed by Umesh Lanjekar in Ratnagiri and are grown completely without any chemicals. His family is into mango farming since the 1950s and ever since Umesh took over from his father, he has preferred adopting organic practices in his orchards.His farm was one of the first farms in the area to be converted to Organic. His progressive approach towards chemical free farming and obsession towards continuous improvement and adoption of latest technologies has kept him steps ahead of rest of the growers in Ratnagiri. The farm has multiple certifications - to name a few - USDA Organic,Euro Cert, NPOP Organic Certification.

Packed in APEDA certified packhouse, given ozone wash & hot water treatment and individually scanned mangoes to ensure less than 1% mangoes ever develop spongy tissue issues. The most fragrant Alphonso Mangoes you will get this season.

Here is short video where Umesh takes us through his orchard.

Mangoes should be kept to ripen in the box itself. The box is not to be stored in AC or near a hot place or in direct sunlight. It should not be covered. Once a mango turns yellow with slight greenish tinge it can be removed from box and then kept in the open to increase its shelf life. Since these are naturally grown without any chemicals and naturally ripened there is a slight chance that one or two mangoes may get partially spoilt during the ripening process.

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