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Golden Berry - Organically Grown - 250 GM


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Golden berries, also known as ground cherries, husk cherries and cape gooseberries, are characterized by their papery outer layer which protects a bittersweet, juicy berry that is golden in color.

These berries can be a tart snack on their own and can be added into salsa, cooked into pies, made into jam or incorporated into savory meals.

One cup of raw golden berries is a good source of vitamin C and thiamin and an excellent source of vitamin A and niacin.

We bring these golden berries from Yashoda Farm. The farmer is cultivating chemical free berries at his farm at Wai in the Satara District of Maharashtra for past 6 years. He is implementing a mix of natural farming techniques along with the use of certified organic inputs. One of the main concoctions he uses to fend off pests, is made of the following - 5 litre cow urine, 2 litre of sour buttermilk, 1 kg green chilly, 1 kg local jaggery, 1 kg besan flour, 1 kg neem fruits (Nimboli) and a drum full of water - these are mixed together and fermented for 8 days, and about 150 ml applied per plant via drip irrigation.

These golden berries will be delivered to you within 36 hours of harvest. Please open the boxes as soon as you receive them.

Farm Location

1 unit = 230 - 260 GM
Delivery Note: Expected delivery between Jun 01st (Thu) and Jun 06th (Tue)

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