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Laid by free range birds with full access to the farm. The chickens help with pests and also feed on organic greens grown. Numerous studies have found free-range eggs to have a healthier overall nutritional profile. Free range hens because of natural conditions that they have access to are robust, healthier and do need all the antibiotics and hormones that caged birds need to survive

About Back2Basics

back2basics farm was founded by S. Madhusudhan, a self-confessed foodie with a passion for all things fresh, natural and healthy. An IIM-B alum and an advertising and marketing veteran, after working in leadership roles in many multi-national corporations across the globe, Madhu stopped to re-evaluate his own fast-paced lifestyle and food habits after a health scare. 

He soon realized that while Bangaloreans have access to many different varieties of fruits and vegetables, very few people are actually buying fresh produce grown using natural, sustainable methods. After personally witnessing his local vegetable vendor washing carrots using sewage water, Madhu decided it was time to make a change. 

And so back2basics was born. Madhu does not have any agricultural background - he last studied Botany in Class 10 - and started from humble beginnings by growing produce on a 30 ft x 40 ft plot. He spent a lot of time understanding both the challenges faced by the Indian farmer and those faced by the discerning Indian consumer with an appetite for fresh, high-quality fruits and vegetables. By applying several management techniques to improve current agricultural practices, back2basics is a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern science.

Today all our farms, spread across close to five hundred acres around Bangalore, boast of many local and exotic varieties of fruits, vegetables and greens, grown using world-class techniques and chemical-free inputs. Since they are all grown in our farms (as against purchased in markets or unknown sources) we are able to maintain high standards of uniformity & consistency in taste, colour, texture and finish.

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