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Nendran Banana - Organically Grown - 3 kg


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When it comes to Bananas Nendran rules for a reason, famed for its characteristic taste, bunch shape and fruit colour. It is one of the healthiest fruits thanks to the abundance of B vitamins, phosphorus and amino acids.

Nendran bananas can be consumed in several ways, Raw bananas are often steamed for breakfast. Bored with the steamed version? Try the batter-fried variety. Tired of that too? Whip up some Pazham nurukku

The raw fruit is green or a healthy yellow, to ripen place the unripe bananas in a paper bag (a brown paper lunch bag, grocery bag, etc along with already ripened fruit like a apple, on ripening the fruit turns golden yellow with red patches

About the Farmer:
This week we bring Red bananas from Abhay farm. Veena, a MBA from ICFAI , after a successful career in finance along with her husband Naveen, ventured into natural farming at Abhay farm. By continuous use of naturally grown neem manure, jeevamurtha, gobar manure made of cow dung, vermi compost, waste decomposer and so on they converted a barren land to a fertile patch. They are following techniques such as crop rotation, manual weeding, mulching, and composting.

You can store these bananas at cool and dry place. They develop black spots on skin upon ripening - don't worry about those. If consumed unripe, red bananas taste like dry, chalky starch.

Farm Location:

Delivery Note: Expected delivery between Apr 22nd (Mon) and Apr 23rd (Tue)

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