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Navara Rice - Organically Grown - 2 KG


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Navara rice is known to have origins in Kerala. It is known as rice of well being due to its health benefits and is revered for its medicinal as well as food value. It has one of highest % of fiber amongst rice varieties and is said to be ideal for diabetic patients and lactating mothers. It has several properties which rectify the basic ills affecting the circulatory, respiratory as well as the digestive system - this is why it has been used in Ayurveda treatment from the age of Charaka – ie. 600 B.C. !

Boiled Navara is a good weaning food for infants, particularly those with low body weight. Navara rice gruel made in cow’s milk improves lactation. It also said to be great for anemic patients. Ayurveda acharyas suggest it as a suitable food for people suffering from emaciation, rheumatoid arthritis, hemorrhoids, diabetes, tuberculosis, oligospermia and also for improving lactation. Regular cleansing of head with washed away water of Navara rice 1 hour before bath is said to be useful to prevent premature hair fall.

About Jagadeesh Reddy :
This rice is grown naturally at the farms of highly regarded Jagadeesh Reddy in Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh. He has been following natural farming methods in 40 acres of land. He is also working with other group of farmers in the region promoting natural farming practices. Jagadeesh's exemplary efforts with natural farming have been covered by several media outlets - here is one such article from the Hindu .

Here is a video from when we visited his farm -

Farm Location:

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