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Mahabaleshwar Strawberry - Organic - 500 GM


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Strawberries are not just delicious, but packed with nutrition. They are high in antioxidants which mop up free radicals, full of fibre in their flesh and seeds, and packed with Vitamin C. In addition, they also contain Quercetin and Ellagic Acid which both have anti-cancer properties. Ellagic acid, for instance, is known to slow down reproduction of cancer cells and growth of blood vessels that feed new tumour cells.

However, strawberries consistently top the list of fruits and vegetables which have the most pesticide residues found in them.

You can have a look at the 2018 list of dirty dozen - .

We are delighted to bring Mahabaleshwar Strawberries! Mahabaleshwar strawberries amount to 85 % of total production in the country.Mahabaleshwar strawberry obtained the geographical indication (GI) tag in 2010. This harvest will be a mix between Winterdown and Nabela varieties.

About Anil Bhilare:
These Strawberries are grown completely without chemicals in the farms of Anil Bhilare. Bhilare family is one of the pioneers in the chemical free practices in Mahabaleshwar. They are following chemical free cultivation for last 7-8 years.

These strawberries will be delivered to you within 36 hours of harvest. Please open the boxes as soon as you receive them.

Note: Strawberries have very short shelf life so please consume soon.

Farm Location:

1 unit = 450 gm to 550 gm
Delivery Note: Expected delivery between Apr 03rd (Mon) and Apr 06th (Thu)

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