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Kachumphulli (Garcinia Cambogia) Dry Rind - Certified Organic - 500 GM


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Kachumphulli (Garcinia Cambogia) Dry Rind!

This is a traditional spice available particularly in Western Ghats and on the coastal areas, it is traditionally used as a souring agent in the preparation of some curries. Many traditional recipes use the fruit's extract and rind due to the sour flavour that it lends to the food.

It contains phytochemical which blocks fat production. It is Naturally rich in Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) and been known for its potential to cause weight loss

Dried Garcinia rind can be used to make fat burning drink. it can also be substituted for Tamarind 

About Mojo Plantation:
Mojo Plantation was founded in 1994 by Drs Sujata and Anurag Goel. Sujata has a PhD. from the Botany Dept of Delhi University and Anurag has completed his studies (PhD. in Molecular Biology) in Toronto, Canada.

We left behind the rat race of urban living to explore an organic way of life and a more harmonious existence with nature. Together with our daughter Maya, we have made this very special rainforest environment our home.

The 25-acre spice and coffee farm is located at altitude of 1100 meters in Kodagu district of Karnataka. The region is richly forested, receiving an annual rainfall of about 5 meters. The terrain is hilly and interspersed with streams through the valleys. Crops are cultivated under the canopies of the rain forest trees. We follow ecologically sustainable farming practices which enrich the soil with humus formed through our composting systems. Our practices encourage conservation of the local biodiversity which in turn enable a healthy farming ecosystem, adding to the flavors of our highland coffee and spices.

Do check out the website to know about the diversity the farm supports and their conservation activities

1 unit = 500 GM

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