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Mahesh Poman

Fresh Figs (Anjeer Fruit) - Organically Grown - 1 Box (8 PC)


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These figs are sweet, juicy flesh loaded with crunchy seeds and are an absolute delight, especially when wine poached or grilled, and drizzled with a little honey on top. Toss it into salads with rocket leaves, nuts, summer veggies and cheese, and you have a lunch winner right there!

Since figs are a good source of fiber, research has found that they could aid in weight management as high-fiber foods have a positive impact.
Commercially available figs are sprayed with fungicides as they highly perishable, these figs are free of all chemicals

About Mahesh Poman:
Mahesh Poman has been practicing cow based farming in his 4 acres of land in Sasawad Near Pune. He is growing guava and Figs without any use of chemicals. For soil nourishment he has been using cow dung and goat droppings. For pest control he is using neem oil, sour buttermilk sprays.

Figs delivered will be raw to semi ripe stage. On ripening fruit turns soft, you can check by gently pressing the fruit. It's recommended to consume figs immediately on ripening. Figs have a notoriously low shelf-life - it is quite possible that 1-2 fruits in a box may develop fungus or get spoilt in transit, especially since no fungicides are used. Please do not order this fruit, if that is not acceptable.
Farm Location:

Each Unit = 1 Box ( 8 PCs Per Box )
Delivery Note: Expected delivery on Apr 22nd (Mon)

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