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Pink Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit - 1 Kit


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These pink beauties are our fastest growing mushroom variety, heat tolerant and rich in dietary fibre bringing home a delight to share with your loved ones for an umami filled meal.

Nuvedo's Mushroom Growing Kits are designed for kids, hobby growers, adults, mushroom enthusiasts, mushroom consumers or for anyone who wants to experience the joy of growing and harvesting their very own organic mushrooms. 

This kit enables anyone to grow exotic mushrooms from the comforts of their home, without any knowledge or prior experience in mushroom cultivation. All that you need to do is open the kit, spray water thrice a day and harvest your mushrooms in less than 2 weeks! 

Here are some key features of our product:​

- Easy to Use - Spray Water & Grow​
- Hassle-Free - Low Maintenance​
- 100% Organic & Chemical Free​
- No Sunlight Required​
- Kid & Pet Friendly​
- No Additional Tools Required​
- 1 Harvest Guaranteed in Under 14 Days: If conditions are right and you take good care of the kit - you can get multiple harvests from the same kit as well! The maximum we have seen is 4.​

The Pink Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit contains Pink Oyster mycelium (Pleurotus djamor), a variety of oyster mushroom known for its flamingo pink colour, distinctive aroma and succulent texture. This particular species has been isolated from the forests of Shivamogga in Karnataka and thus grows best in locations where the temperature in below 28⁰ Celsius.  

Oyster mushrooms are the most versatile and popular edible. They have a nutty, subtle flavor that goes well in soups, stews, and sauces. Oyster kits are very reliable and tend to yield a big flush of mushrooms. Easy to fruit and are guaranteed to give you the first harvest. If the conditions are  right and you take good care of the kit, it can easily give you subsequent harvests. Our mushroom kits will bring a new found experience to observing, learning, and understanding the food you eat. 

Check out this video for a quick walkthrough on how you can use your kit: 

About Nuvedo:
Nuvedo - In Mushrooms We Trust
We are committed to building a community of mushroom enthusiasts, consumers, and trusted vendors for exotic varieties of mushrooms and premium mushroom products.
The idea is to spread awareness and knowledge in India about the mushroom space -- regarding, mushrooms themselves, cultivation practices, and how to make them a part of our lives by truly understanding them and their benefits.

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