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Mallika is a mix between Neelam and Dasheri varieties. An excellent combination and considered to be among the best of the current generation of Indian dessert mangoes. Mallika has a highly aromatic flavor, very sweet, silky (fibreless) along with hints of citrus (mostly sweet orangy!) and melon. We bring to you highly acclaimed Mallikas from Mango Raja - which has won awards for the best mangoes at past editions of Lalbagh Mango Show.
These mangos are grown naturally, using only river bed silt as fertilizer. Sulphur and lime spray was used as a fungicide before flowering (allowed in USDA organic norms).

About Mango Raja:
Mango Raja is a 60 year old mango orchard from the "Golden Valley" in Kolar District - the land of gold.
Ashok Krishnappa, a food technology expert , is the visionary behind Mangoraja- he along with his wife Mythili Ashok and their son Aditya moved to their ancestral village to develop and make agriculture and horticulture sustainable. Passion for farming and nature made Ashok try various options of growing different varieties of exotic mangoes. The speciality of Mango Raja is that the mangoes are grown with a lot of love and care and are also free of any chemicals used for ripening.
Mangoraja carries out multiple harvesting over weeks to ensure naturally ripened fruits. Natural ripening methods are used at their own packaging centre. Natural practices for fruits setting, harvesting and ripening are followed. A key technique used at this farm is to use river bed silt instead of any fertilizers.
Mangoes will be at varying stages of ripening based on your delivery date. Fruits will be in raw to semi-ripe stage. You can wrap them in a paper bag along with bananas to hasten ripening. It is recommended to check periodically and gently for ripening as different fruits will ripen at different times as they are allowed to ripen naturally without any chemical ripening agents. As the mangoes ripen, you will notice a decrease in weight due to water loss.

Each Unit = 3 Kg ( Varies between 2.9 Kg - 3.1 Kg)

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