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Red Buet Plum - Organically Grown - 1 KG


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Red Buet Plum, also known as the Red Beauty Plum, is a variety of plum that is highly regarded for its vibrant red skin and delicious flavor. It is known for its medium to large size and oval shape, with a slightly pointed end. The plum's skin is smooth and shiny, ranging in color from deep crimson to bright red, depending on its ripeness.

The Red Buet Plum's flesh is firm, juicy, and succulent, with a sweet and slightly tart taste. It has a pleasant aroma and is often described as having a rich, well-balanced flavor. The fruit's flesh is yellow to orange in color, surrounding a central pit that is easily removed.

When it comes to texture, Red Buet Plums have a smooth and slightly velvety skin, which provides a satisfying contrast to the juicy flesh inside. The plum's high sugar content makes it ideal for eating fresh, and it is also well-suited for use in various culinary applications.

Red Buet Plums are typically in season during the late summer and early fall months, and they can be enjoyed on their own as a refreshing snack or used in a variety of culinary creations. They are often used in jams, jellies, pies, tarts, sauces, and baked goods, as well as in savory dishes like salads and salsas.

Overall, the Red Buet Plum is a visually appealing and delicious fruit that offers a delightful balance of sweetness and tartness, making it a popular choice among plum enthusiasts and culinary enthusiasts alike.

About the Farmer :
I am Ashok Kumar, a native of Kotgarh (H.P), who has been rearing apples for about 25 years.
Apple farming is my ancestral occupation; a vocation that I take get pride in. Though I take care of several varieties (Royal Gala, Red Delicious, & Tydeman being a few) of apple trees all-year round, I still consider myself a lifelong student of agriculture. I'm also a proponent of the organic farming movement.

Farm Location :

1 Unit: 1 KG (950 gm to 1050 gm)

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