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Red Rice (Par-boiled) - Organic - 1 KG


A lot of people who grew up in south India don’t remember rice to be white when they were kids. It was the ladles of red rice that added colour to their plate. Before this becomes a distant memory, let us relive the childhood days with Varanashi Farms' Organic Red Rice.

Today rice has earned itself a bad name among the health conscious and not for wrong reasons. The white rice that we usually consume is stripped off from its nutrients. Varanashi Boiled Red rice is minimally processed, has more micro nutrients and B complex vitamins than the polished rice.

When paddy is boiled and dried and then milled, the resultant rice is called parboiled rice. This is a combination of the words partial and boiled. The process involves soaking the grain and cooking the paddy within the husk. It is then sun-dried to remove the moisture. It also leads to the transfer of nutrients in the bran to the rice kernel. The parboiling leads to the starches within the grain becoming gelatinised and hardened and the rice attains a translucent appearance. It also makes the cooked rice firmer and results in grains being distinct and separate.

Varanashi Farms have been growing rice for the last 200 years. It’s fair to say that we know our rice rather well. The Varanashi Paddy fields are located on the banks of the Saravu river making it a picturesque spot. The Kaje Jaya variety of rice is hand sown and is grown organically. Our homegrown and hand-sown variety has 5 times more protein than regular white rice. There are no pesticides used in the making of the rice. That just means more smiles with every helping of rice.

About Varanashi Farms
The illustrious story of Varanashi Organic Farms, handed down by over six generations of the Varanashi family, begins more than 200 years ago, when in 1816 King Lingaraju, Ruler of Kodagu, gifts a large piece of land and a big house in the Moodambailu area to one of his favourites, a wiseman by the name of Jyothishi.

Thirumaleshwari Amma, one of the female members of this family, marries Varanashi Krishnayya and settles at Moodambailu. Their son Varanashi Subraya Bhat and grandson Varanashi Krishna Moorthy manage the property in subsequent years and name it Varanashi Farms.

Varanashi Surbraya Bhat was a pioneer in setting up Cacao plantations in south India and also went on to set up CAMPCO Ltd. – today, one among the co-operative giants in India and was President of CAMPCO from 1972 to 1990. His son Dr. Varanashi Krishna Moorthy has set up research facilities for the improvement of agriculture and allied fields through research, education and outreach with special emphasis on the promotion of eco-friendly and sustainable technologies.

Partha Varanashi is youngest heir in this family to take the family tradition forward. A coach for Team India in the 2019 Aquatic World Championships, he champions movement sports and aquatic education at the farm.

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