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Thumu's Natural Farm

Mixed Mango Box - Natural (Thumu's) - 10 KG


Mix Mango Box Includes a variety of mangos such as
Himayat, Dasheri, Alphanso, Banginapalli, Rasalu, Sindhoora , Mahamooda etc.

NOTE : Quantity of the individual mango types, will vary in each box due to their short cultivating season & as per their availability. You will get some of these varieties in the box, and not all.

About Thumu's Farm:
Srikanth and Srilatha Thumu have adopted natural farming practices in their farm at Mamidimada Village in Telangana. They use cow based preparations for soil nourishment and use only native seeds for cultivation. After the struggle of initial days at Thumu's farm they are now successfully growing rice and several seasonal fruits.
Our Mango trees are grown by cow based natural farming practices since inception. 
Crop protection and crop nourishments happens without using artificial chemicals. 
We harvest with care and good post-harvest practices are done to ensure damage free fruits are supplied at your doorstep.
All fruits are harvested only after attaining maturing on trees.
Every fruit is de-sapped and washed with luke warm water to kill surface germs.
All fruits are placed for natural ripening at our ripening sheds under dry paddy hay and locally available dry leaves to ensure optimal ripening.
Information about the pack:
We generally send 20% almost ripe Mangoes, 50% to be ripened in 4 to 5 days and remaining to be ripened in 8 to 10 days. Never refrigerate the un-ripened fruits, leave the fruits in the hay filled corrugated box. As naturally grown & ripened, fruits have extended shelf life. Fruits will be fresh for about 2 weeks at room temperature.
How to know fruits are ripen enough to consume?
• The surface of the fruit should turn predominantly yellow (as the fruits are naturally ripened there could still be some patches of green and yet fruit might have ripened)
• Fruit should smell like mango at the bud, fruit that do not smell anything is not ripen.
• Hold the fruit in your hand and squeeze gently with your palm. If the mango indents slightly, it’s probably ripe. If the mango is hard, it needs more time to ripen, and if it's squishy, it’s overripe.

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1 UNIT = 9.9 to 10.1 KG
Delivery Note: Expected delivery between May 29th (Mon) and Jun 03rd (Sat)

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