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Amaranth Seeds (Rajgira) - Certified Organic - 1 kg


The abundance of protein present in rajgira seeds makes it an amazing  weight loss  food. A protein rich diet is the first thing recommended to people trying to shed off kilos. As it is also loaded with fibre, food items made with rajgira seeds will keep you full for long, while giving you a sufficient dose of nutrients.

Rajgira which means royal grain, truly justifies its name, as it is a powerhouse of nutrition. Botanically it belongs to Amaranthus family which are cultivated as leafy vegetables and pseudocereals. Pseudocereals are non-grasses which can be used more or less the same way as cereals like rice, wheat etc, hence making it a perfect grain for food products that can be consumed while observing fast.

Rajgira is an excellent source of calcium, iron, vitamins and amino acid. Due to the presence of amino acid, it is considered as easily digestible food.

Amaranth has been qualified has a super grain because of it’s high fiber content and low caloric value. Gluten Free: Amaranth is naturally gluten-free, which allows gluten intolerant people to eat it without worries.

Did you know you can pop Amaranth seeds just like popcorn - a very health snack - here is how to do it - .

You can also grind it and make Rajgira flour out of it - and use it as a wheat replacement. It is very easy to make Rajgira flour at home - 1. Dry roast the amaranth seeds on a medium non stick pan for 5-7 minutes and keep it aside to cool 2. Blend the roasted Rajgira in a mixie and store the flour in a airtight container. You will find many recipes like puri, paratha etc using Rajgira flour, on the web.

About Sahaja Organics

Sahaja Samrudha Organic Producer Company Ltd (SSOPCL) marketing under the brand name “Sahaja Organics” was formed in 2010. The unique concept is wholly owned by organic producers, who are necessarily primary producers committed to protecting the environment and providing diverse and wholesome food. Sahaja Samrudha developed a sustainable model of Group Certification for small and marginal farmers to certify their products as chemical free. Group certification for a group of committed and well-known organic farmers is now enabled in collaboration with IMO as the certification partner.

This is their story -

The group's efforts were also recently mentioned in Mann Ki Baat.

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