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Green Almond (Kagzi Badam) - Natural - 1 Box


Green almonds are just unripe almonds. If they're left on the tree, the soft and fuzzy green part will slowly but surely harden into the tough brown shell that protects a mature almond. 

The fuzz on the outside may feel familiar; it reminds one that almonds and peaches are closely related, at least botanically speaking. These fuzzy green ovals are fully edible, although most people find the shell a bit bitter and don't eat them. More classically, the green almonds are cut open and the soft, somewhat gelatinous embryonic almonds in the centers are popped out and eaten; they are the real treasure of these unusual treats. The soft, jelly like skinless nut inside offers a complex flavour profile with mild floral and grass-like notes and an overall sweet-tart flavour.

They are particularly delicious lightly dipped into sea salt. Their main appeal, as mentioned above, is their soft-yet-firm texture that is just a bit gelatinous but with a sense of the nut, it's going to become. Green almonds get firmer in texture as the season goes on—early ones can be translucent and have an almost grape-like texture while later ones take on a milky opaque look and feel more like soft almonds when bitten.

Green almonds make a great out-of-hand snack. Dip them in salt or sugar, as you like and if you like. If you can't get enough green almonds that way, try adding them to salads.

Fresh green almonds can be kept at cool room temperature for a few days after harvest. Extend their life by a bit (but not much), by wrapping them loosely in plastic and popping them in the fridge. In truth, though, green almonds are one of the many spring delicacies that are truly at their best the closer you can get them to when they're harvested. 

About Organic Emporio (in their own words):
Organic Emporio is an organisation which is involved in management of certified organic groups in Himachal Pradesh. Since we are connected to farmers at grass root level we are in position to ensure that produce from genuine organic farms comes to your plate.We provide year round consultation and organic inputs such as neem oil, plant and animal based organic manure for soil fertility and microorganisms for disease and pest management to our farmers.We manage our groups with a team of dedicated members working at grass root level who know exactly what is going on in the field or orchards. Since some farmers are not in position to arrange logistics or take risk of sending their produce to distant places we are taking this initiative to market their produce.

1 unit = 700 to 750 GM

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