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Avarampoo Soup - Farmmade - 100 Gm


Avaram (Senna auriculata) is a shrub that grows in many parts of India and Sri Lanka. This tree's flower, leaves, stem, root, and unripe fruit are used for treatment, especially in Ayurvedic medicine.

Avarampoo soup is a healthy blend of unique ingredients with goodness of Avarampoo. Avarampoo soup mix comes in a 100g packets. It contains all essential nutrients which makes it a strong antioxidant.

- Made with 100 percent pure, organically obtained components precisely selected from Indian landscapes, coupled with age-old traditional processes, and delivered to you in the most practical way possible to boost your wellness regimen

- For a better and healthier living, we always utilize true, natural ingredients. Herb procurement is an art. We are devoted to both excellence and sustainability.

Ingredients: Avarampoo flowers, Pepper, cumin seeds, Tomato, Garlic, Onion, Cinnamon, Asafoetida, Green grams and Salt. All ingredients are 100% natural.

Directions for use:

- Take a Tablespoon (4 To 5 Grams) Of The Soup Powder
- Add 150 - 200 ml Of Water Depending On Your Taste. 
- Boil it for 3-5 Minutes And Serve It Hot

Health Benefits:

- Avarampoo is a natural source of antioxidants
- Aavaram poo regarded as a good substitute for caffeinated drinks such as coffee and tea
- The Anti-diabetic property help in lowering sugar levels in a person. 
- Adding Avarampoo soup to your diet can also help in preventing black spots, managing uneven skin tone, and improvement of skin tone. 

Store: Keep in a cool and dry place.

About Seller : Rithikaa Organics based out in Hosur, grows and delivers farm fresh and natural produce directly to consumers. It is not just that we sell organic produce, but we also love showing our dear customers how it is grown if they wish to visit our farm.
A group of 20 small farmers want to make themselves stronger by selling their products on their own, without any middlemen. They also want to make their products better by adding more value to them. These 20 farmers from Andipatti, Karur District in TamilNadu (India) have joined together to form a group called "Esanatham Farmers Producers Society".
Rithikaa Organics and the "Esanatham Farmers Producers Society" are working together to sell their products online and in business-to-business marketplaces. This will help improve the livelihoods of farmers.
Farm Location :

Delivery Note: Expected delivery between Apr 15th (Mon) and Apr 20th (Sat)

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