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Sasyahar - Organic Bio Composter - 2KG


Compost with biofertilizers consortium ‘superfood for your plants’
Varanashi sasyahar is compost prepared from plant materials. It is heat treated and enriched with a group of beneficial microorganisms. These friendly micro organisms help in decomposition, N – fixation and P- solubalization in the soil and promote plant growth. Some of these micro organisms are also bio pesticides and control fungal pathogens which causes root decay.
In addition Varanashi sasyahar absorbs and retains moisture up to 600% and prevents evaporation. It also loosens the soil and enhances root growth. Thus Varanashi sasyahar is a ideal manure –cum –soil conditioner for indoor plants, ornamental plants, roses, crotons, anthuriums and vegetables.

Directions for use:

1. Potted Plants: Apply 1-2 cm thick layer (100-300 gms depending on pot size) of Sasyahar around the plant, once in 4-6 months.
2. Potting Mixture: While preparing the soll mixture, mix one part of Sasyahar with one part of soil & one part of river sand (by volume).
3.Nursery bed/lawn: After preparing raised bed, spread Sasyahar to about 2 cms thickness, mix with the soil & sow
4.In the bed/transplant the grass. Out-door plants/vegetables: Apply 1-2 cm thick layer (200-500 gms) of Sasyahar per plant once in 4-6 month
Note: Liberal use of Sasyahar reduces water evaporation & therefore avoid over-watering

About Varanashi Farms
The illustrious story of Varanashi Organic Farms, handed down by over six generations of the Varanashi family, begins more than 200 years ago, when in 1816 King Lingaraju, Ruler of Kodagu, gifts a large piece of land and a big house in the Moodambailu area to one of his favourites, a wiseman by the name of Jyothishi.

Thirumaleshwari Amma, one of the female members of this family, marries Varanashi Krishnayya and settles at Moodambailu. Their son Varanashi Subraya Bhat and grandson Varanashi Krishna Moorthy manage the property in subsequent years and name it Varanashi Farms.

Varanashi Surbraya Bhat was a pioneer in setting up Cacao plantations in south India and also went on to set up CAMPCO Ltd. – today, one among the co-operative giants in India and was President of CAMPCO from 1972 to 1990. His son Dr. Varanashi Krishna Moorthy has set up research facilities for the improvement of agriculture and allied fields through research, education and outreach with special emphasis on the promotion of eco-friendly and sustainable technologies.

Partha Varanashi is youngest heir in this family to take the family tradition forward. A coach for Team India in the 2019 Aquatic World Championships, he champions movement sports and aquatic education at the farm.

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