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Pearl (Bajra) Millet Ladoo - Homemade - 250 GM


Made from certified organic ingredients, best protein snack for kids and adults. No food colors or preservatives are added.
Pearl Millet is also known as Bajra in Hindi, Kambu in Tamil, Sajjalu in Telugu, Sajje in Kannada, Kambam in Malayalam.

Benefits of Pearl (Bajra) Millet -
Good for diabetic diet – Pearl millets contain carbohydrates that are digested slowly and maintain a stable glucose level for a long period.
Beneficial for heart health – Rich in dietary fibers and cholesterol-lowering properties of these grains are good for heart patients.
Therapeutic for people with frequent acidity and stomach ulcers – Pearl millets are one of the few foods which reduce the acidity of the stomach thereby limiting ulcer formation.
Prevents Constipation- Benefits of bajra include promoting good gut health. In simpler terms, consuming the pearl millets will make sure you keep constipation at a distance. The reason behind this is the presence of insoluble fibre in bajra.
Provides protein to vegetarians- Those who are vegetarians cannot get the needed protein from meat and fish products. This is where pearl millets come in. The health benefits of bajra include its ability to provide the required protein to vegetarians as well.
Lowers Blood pressure- Bajra is known for its richness in potassium which is needed for those with high blood pressure. Consuming more foods rich in potassium will help flush out sodium from your body, which in turn will reduce blood pressure.
Makes bone stronger – The high phosphorus content of bajra helps in making your bones stronger.
Lowers cholesterol- Pearl millets contain an adequate amount of good fat which is the desired quality of food for high cholesterol patients.
Nutritious baby food – Pearl millets are easily digested and well tolerated by little ones which make them a mandatory ingredient for baby food preparations during the weaning period and even later on.
Rich in antioxidants – Lessens free radical damage in the body and aids in wound healing.
Reduces the risk of colon cancers – It makes the stomach pH alkaline, and thus reduces the risk of colon cancers.
Weight Loss - Foods with a lot of protein can help you feel full of fewer calories.

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About Seller
The seller is practicing on making healthy Ladoos since 2010 especially for kids who is having problem in consuming protein rich food.

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