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Nationali Tea - Certified Organic - - 20 Gm


Do you want to enjoy a tea that not only tastes amazing but also has proven health benefits? NationaliTEA's Masala Chai is the answer! Our blend of champion Indian spices is packed with antioxidants that have been scientifically shown to prevent liver and organ damage, arthritis and swelling, and even certain types of cancers.

With a history of use in traditional Indian medicine, our tea has stood the test of time and is now available for you to enjoy. The rich flavor and aroma will immediately boost your mental alertness and intelligence, while the natural ingredients support your overall health.

Don't settle for just any tea, choose NationaliTEA and drink in the credibility of a centuries-old tradition. The healthy choice, the credible choice - NationaliTEA Masala Chai!

(Note: All Kangra Tea products are Rich in or highest source of Antioxidants & low in caffeine when compared with Assam Dargiling & Nilgiris)

Certified Organic Kangra Green Tea
Organic Green Cardamom (Illachi)
Organic Black Pepper (Kaali Mirch) 
Organic Cloves (Long) 
Organic Licorice (Mulethi) 
Organic Ginger (Adrak) 
Organic Cinnamon (Daalchini)

Please have a look at the Instagram live we did with Kangra Tea House where we learn more about Tea in general -

Usage: True to its reputation of being a Masala Chai, it packs a punch of sensory pleasure, a real spicy break from the routine. It stimulates even the tiniest of our taste buds with its composite & complex flavor. It could be enjoyed at least once a day, every day.

Steep this masala spiced black tea for at least 3 minutes for the first infusion & an additional 45 seconds for every subsequent infusion, up to 4 infusions. Ideal brewing temperature is c. 90o - 95o Celsius i.e. just below the boiling point to avoid burning of black tea leaves and to conserve its health benefits.

Keep the infused masala spiced black tea leaves in an airtight jar refrigerated for later infusions preferably the same day.

About Seller: Kangra Green & Orthodox Black 100% Certified Organic Whole Tea leaves sourced from the pristine Kangra Valley (Himachal Pradesh). Even the condiments (spices, herbs, roots & flowers) used for tea blending are also individually 100% Certified Organic and sourced from NPOP-certified farmers/ vendors from various states across India to support vocal for local initiatives.
All our ingredients are sourced from small farmers in an endeavor to support the locals and their livelihoods.

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