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Satva Certified Organic Farm

Kombucha – Apple Cinnamon - 350 ml (Special Offer)


Our Kombucha is made hygienically with the highest quality ingredients. We carefully mix black, green and white tea leaves to bring you a unique refreshing taste. The Kombucha is infused with fresh ingredients and honey sourced from the pristine Pushpagiri Hills of Western Ghats. As with our other products, we do not use any artificial preservatives, flavouring agents or chemicals in this product. 

Ingredients: Kombucha, Apple flavour from fresh apples, mint, lemon and rosemary

*Please note: Apple flavour used in this recipe is from fresh apples, but they are not organically grown. All other ingredients used are organic.

Storage: We recommend that our Kombucha be refrigerated and consumed within one week. This is because the flavours we use are freshly extracted from natural organic produce which taste best when consumed fresh.

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a probiotic drink believed to have many health benefits. It is made through a fermentation process and according to Healthline, Kombucha contains anti-oxidants and may help gut health, heart health and diabetes, etc.  

You may know more about Kombucha here:

About Satva Certified Organic Farm

The name “Satva” stands for the organic richness of the soil at our farm. Our farm, with a legacy of over 60 years, is managed by fourth generation farmers. The farm has secured reputed global organic certifications, which are renewed every year after rigorous inspection by independent agencies.  

At Satva, we are passionate about offering wholesome food options while protecting mother earth. Our sustainable farming practices are designed based on old-time organic farming wisdom combined with new-age technology.

Our mission is to be a responsible farm that works for the betterment of our workers, local communities, and our customers. As our commitment to sustainable farming, we work with local farmers to educate them on organic farming practices. We train and empower marginalized women on organic farming techniques and many of them proudly work at our farm.

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