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Shayani Farms

Methamba (Mango Relish) - Farmmade - 250 GM


Methamba is anauthentic Maharashtrian sweet and sour pickle made from raw Totapuri of Shayani farms.

Ingredients - grated raw totapuri, Jaggery, asafoetida, fenugreek seeds, tempered in mustard seeds and oil, salt and chilli powder to taste.

Shelf life - 20 days when refrigerated.

About Shayani Farm:

Shayani Farms, is an experimental attempt at growing a food forest by accepting nature as it is. It’s an attempt to learn from traditional methods, to live and grow our food in a sustainable way. Shayani (Ekadasi) is the period when God is said to rest and runs this world in an auto-mode. That is what we want to try - minimum interference, observe and learn from nature and natural processes and attempt to minimize our intervention and mimic nature .

This started a couple years back as a weekend farming effort by techno folks and Covid just helped us fast track the romantic idea into reality. During this time we have tried many things, learning from things that worked and things that didn't too . We tried to revive a dried bore well by harvesting rain water and recharging the ground water levels. We have been trying to improve organic matter in the soil through natural means and by following Subash Palekar methods in an effort to take care of the plants. 

The joys of seeing a plant survive another harsh summer, seeing bee-catchers and king fishers swooping in and out of their perches, the calls of the peacock, the feel of a gentle breeze in the evening and the sense of calm, peace and satisfaction at the end of a hard day’s labour, far outweighs any of the setbacks. 

Shayani Farms is an 8 acre farm in Bommarasanpalli, Tamil Nadu, 80 kms from Bangalore. Some time in the future we hope to be an all season fruit farm. Right now wee have around 10+ different varieties of fruit trees- Mango, Guava, Pomegranate, Banana, Papaya, Sapota, Goose berry, Jamun, coconut, tamarind and many more. These have been planted and are in various stages of growth. Teak, Honge, Neem and other foliage trees spread across these 8 acres gives a natural personality to this beautiful place which is nestled between hills and is often by visited peacocks and monkeys.

Farm Location:

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